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We are dedicated to providing exceptional disability services to commercial and personal clients in Cairns and North Queensland.

Disability Carers in Cairns

We are dedicated to providing exceptional disability services to personal and commercial clients in Cairns.

Caring for someone with high needs is a specialist job requiring specialist training. But all too often, this task falls at the feet of families and friends. Although well-intentioned with the disability services commission, the government has only recently moved disability support into the focus it needs with the introduction of the NDIS.

More and more people with disabilities are seeing the benefits of taking control of their own lives, and the challenges placed before them. In turn, improving the lives of their careers, their families, and the people who love them. The NDIS has allowed people with severe disabilities to decide for themselves where and how those services are delivered.

At its core, our goal is to deliver the best of the best opportunities for people with severe and permanent disabilities with no age limit to encourage a fulfilling lifestyle.

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Understanding is key

We understand that having a loved one with a severe and permanent disability is a challenge that can test the strongest of people.
We promise to give your loved one a safe, warm, and gentle environment so that they can find enjoyment and happiness in life that they deserve.

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Friendly Environment

The kindness, patience and love from our staff help create and build long-lasting friendships.

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Engaged Learning

We teach skills and assist in putting these skills into practice throughout their daily lives.

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Outdoor Activities

We assist you in any outdoor activity you wish to participate in and can assist in creating a daily or weekly schedule that suits you.

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Healthy Wellbeing

Nourishment is essential in every part of life. We place great importance in the health and mental and physical well-being of all our clients.

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On-call 24/7

We are available for care every day of the week including early mornings, evenings and overnight care if required.

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Lifestyle Programs

We design a range of programmes to enhance your social and life skills, build on areas of interest, and encourage and support genuine community participation.

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We’ll come to you and hear about what you and your loved ones’ needs are. We’ll then create a no-obligation plan and leave it with you to access and decide if we are the right fit for you and your loved one.

"After countless trips to many disabilities services I have finally managed to find one that makes Daniel so happy, I am no longer nervous about dropping him off and it makes me so happy to hear all about how much fun he's had at ADM, thanks guys!"

Margaret B.
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"I love ADM, they really go that extra step so make sure that the person in need gets the best out of life no matter the condition. They are so understanding and I can trust them to follow the curriculum I have sent them without any hassle at all."

Ryan B.
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"I want to thank you guys so much for everything you do with me, I love coming over to stay and play with the other kids and make lots of friends, I also enjoy all the activities and adventures we go on and saves me from being bored at home, you guys rock!!"

Thomas M.
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