We care like family would.

If you or a loved one is looking to change care providers—or you’re seeking out experienced and committed carers in the Cairns area—Advanced Disability Management is your partner of choice.

Founded by longtime caregivers with firsthand knowledge of the daily challenges faced by a loved one with a disability, ADM has grown into a team that offers the highest standard of service and support. We care for our clients just as we would our own family members.

Work With the Best Professionals in the Field

You can’t overstate the importance of tailored, customized care. Good disability services include carers who grasp that every situation is different. Advanced Disability Management brings compassionate, personalized assistance to a wide range of individuals, including those with high support needs.

Our services encompass:

– Supported Independent Living (SIL)
– Personal Care and Assistance with Daily Living
– Transportation Assistance
– Development of Daily Living and Life Skills
– High-Intensity Daily Personal Activities
– Participation in Community with Social and Civic Activities
– Advocacy and Support Coordination
– Accommodation and Tenancy Assistance

Our team accommodates everything from basic assistance to extremely specialized high-intensity care. We know there are tasks to accomplish, goals to reach, and memories to make—and we work with our clients to help them live the lives they desire! Call us today to discuss how we can meet your needs.

We Strive to Elevate Our Clients’ Life

Friendly Environment

The kindness, patience and love from our staff help create and build long-lasting friendships.

Engaged Learning

We teach our clients skills and techniques to make their lives easier, and then, wherever possible, we assist them in putting these skills into practice.

Transport Assistance

Clients need the freedom and ability to move beyond the confines of their home. We offer safe and reliable transportation to errands, appointments, social activities, community engagements, and many other events.

High Intensity Daily Personal Activities

We specialize in supporting individuals with high-intensity care needs. We oversee crucial daily tasks like grooming, showering, meal preparation, exercise, and hygiene—always carried out with compassion and professionalism.

1:1 Personal Care

In supported independent living accommodation, there’s no replacement for in-person encouragement and communication. We are here to understand our clients’ needs and preferences and deliver the services they require in the ways that work best for them.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Our staff assists with a full spectrum of tasks, including meal preparation, budgeting, shopping, household chores, personal care, accessing community services, and more.

Why choose us

If you’ve been searching for “disability services near me” and hoping to connect with the right carer and disability company for NDIS supported independent living, Advanced Disability Management provides all of the following:

Tailored Client Care

Our disabilities services focus on understanding and fulfilling the objectives of each individual client, empowering them to reach their full potential.

Innovative Solutions and Dedication

In our approach to supported living, we go above and beyond traditional care methods. We leverage creativity and an unwavering commitment to helping clients achieve the quality of life they’re pursuing.

Extensive Expertise

In working with some of the most experienced and specialized carers in the industry, we have created a disability company equipped to meet the needs of highly diverse clients.

Collaborative Support Network

We foster communication and collaboration with support coordinators, families, allied health professionals, and a range of organizations focused on NDIS SIL initiatives. This big-picture approach translates to streamlined, comprehensive care for our clients.

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