What are the qualities of a good carer?

What makes a good carer? When it comes to finding a carer for someone close to you, you want to get it right. If you’re on the hunt for a high-quality carer, take a look at our top ten attributes to look for in a carer. That are the characteristics we seek out for our carers, and we provide the best to you.

We work with carers all the time, they are the core of our business – and with the people who need them all day, every day, so it’s fair to say we know a few things about how to choose the right home carer.

Looking after the disabled is a challenging job, as you’ll likely know especially  if you’ve have been caring for your loved one yourself . For the carers it can be one of the most fulfilling careers out there, but to be successful, certain personal qualities are required.

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A great carer will be able to connect with your loved one and create a deep understanding of them as a person, with independence and dignity not just as a client who needs care.


Empathy is one of the most important qualities any carer needs to have. A carer needs to be able to connect with their client in order to help them through their daily activities and challenges, and a great carer will understand the emotions of that person and guide them through their day with comfort and ease.


Many carers will be responsible for ensuring their client eats, drinks, takes medication and makes appointments on time. The side effects of not doing these things can be dramatic, so you need a carer you can depend upon to ensure everything that should be done, is done.


It is incredibly important that the carer can be trusted to deliver the right support to ensure their client thrives and is comfortable, healthy and happy. This creates peace of mind for both the client and their families.


A great carer needs to be patient enough to handle each situation that arises calmly, without getting flustered, resentful or stressed. Patience is critical.


Any good carer is the sort of person who lights up a room when they walk into it.


The physical or mental health of a disabled person can change dramatically in a short space of time. A good carer will pick up on the signs of deterioration early. Decreased appetite, weight loss or gain, increasing confusion, increased irritability – these things can indicate an underlying problem, and a good carer would know never to dismiss them.


It's about caring, simple as that. Care can be as difficult as it is rewarding, Our carers genuinely care, and love what they do. And that is evident in the standard of work they provide and the happiness and wellbeing in the person they are caring for.


A good Carer needs initiative, looking out for any other help that may be required around the home.

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